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Onion Garlic Chilli Pepper Himalayan Pink Salt

What makes it special 

Want to add the ‘Bollywood Effect’ to every recipe?

  • Use this great blend in curries and sauces.
  • Marinate any red meat with this salt added in the rub.
  • Add some to your vegetable and potato stuffing to make delicious breads.
  • Sprinkle some on your freshly roasted vegetables and cottage cheese.
  • Cottage cheese or tofu- add this to the sauce you cook it in or add it while roasting the same.

Size: 7cm x 7cm x 8.5cm

Weight: 175 gm

Care instructions: Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep in a cool dry place. Shake before use. secure lid firmly after use.

Disclaimer:  Contains no added colour, preservative or mSG.


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