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Our story

In a world running after ‘perfection’, similar looking factory made products, and
mindless mechanical shopping, The House of Artisans is a pleasant surprise!
We are about everything handmade!
We celebrate the imperfections that come as a proof of something
made by a human!
We have set out to change the way the world looks at handmade,
because handmade is not a product
it’s a lifestyle!
Join us on this incredible journey!

How we started

The purpose of THOA when it started was to take our
creators closer to the consumers with their stories.
The initial business model was B2B and hence the need
for a strong brand identity was not necessary for the
business to run successfully.
But as the incomes and livelihood of our artisans
stabilised, we decided to extend into retail to share their
stories with each and every consumer who uses their
creation. This is to say that we not only ensure their
financial security but also promote them in a way, where
they get the respect and recognition they deserve.


Our Philosophy

“To be imperfect is to be free...” said the old man, sipping
his wine.
“..And to be free, is a privilege.” finished his pal, sitting
by the warmth of the fire.
Something is not truly itself unless it accepts itself
exactly the way it is,
but also more than once,
acceptance is not enough.
One has to grip it and celebrate each fragment of his
THOA celebrates the imperfections that come as a proof
of something being handmade.
We find it in every tiny scrape, miniature cracks,
slip of the paintbrush,
the coarse textures and the blotch of the hues.
We at THOA bring to light the hidden behind the drapes,
we enhance and not reform!
We are the ones who not only embrace the
imperfections but also celebrate it.
After all,
A tale is not complete without a few swells of sobs,
A memory is not beautiful without a few scars,
Even a chunk of gold is not true without a few scratches
Art is not art without its story being told by its flaws.
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