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The Lu:kah Box - Earth Box

April 09, 2021

The Lu:kah Box - Earth Box

Faith plants the seed love make them grow.

Ever thought how it would feel like by giving a lifetime of oxygen to 20 people for the next generation?  Take your love for plants to a whole new level with the seedballs, seeds, planters and be a part of the revolution!

Give yourself time to invest in your growth and well being. We hope this time helps you to introspect, feel relaxed and fall in love with yourself

Plant and spread love through the earth box!


Why Lukah DIY Kit?

The Lukah Box is a box of happiness!

The origin of Lukah is from the word “lykke” which is a danish concept of happiness.

According to researchers who have been studying happiness for over three decades now, say there are 2 primary aspects to happiness:

  1. Taking care of yourself and indulging in things that make you happy without judgement!
  2. Helping and also taking help from your community (more real world interaction and experience)

The inception of THOA DIY Kits happened because we believed that the time spent with yourself is the time spent best!

In a world where everyone is trying to take our time...we believe that we need to take time out for ourselves - to do something just for us!

There is a certain therapy in making things with your hands, the pride of making, that hour when your mind is completely in a state of flow, that hour which rejuvenates you like nothing else, that hour that makes you productive in the other things that you do through the day, that hour that will make you so happy from inside!

Why is this the best kit?

  • We only use premium, high quality raw materials.
  • It is super easy to make
  • You spend a few hours in a state of flow

Inside the lukah box

  • 2 planters
  • Seed ball jar
  • Seeds pouch
  • Manure
  • Shovel
  • An instruction manual
  • certificate

How to use it?


Just carry the jar of seed balls with you in your bag! 
Whenever you pass by a place that needs more trees and oxygen, just throw one seed ball and it will grow into a massive tree.
By the time you are done with throwing all the balls, you would have given lifetime of oxygen to 20 people!


Growing your own plant

  1. T ake the manure from the pouch and pour it in the planter.

      2. You can mix regular soil with this manure in equal proportions (1:1 ratio)

     3. Now pour a cup of water to make the planter slightly wet and sprint 7 - 9             seeds throughout the pot!
     4. Now pour 2 more cups of water and let it rest.
     5. Water the plant everyday (1 cup water) ang give it love and some sun                 shine and watch you baby grow into a big girl! Keep it in the favourite part of your house.     

Get ready to have fun with the big smile on your face as you’re making a difference by giving 20 people a lifetime of oxygen to breathe! Now open your box, because it is just for you to enjoy yourself, feel yourself a little more, and just be!

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