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The Lu:kah Box - Do Something Concrete

June 28, 2021

The Lu:kah Box - Do Something Concrete

  Make your own eccentric jewellery pieces with concrete!
With premium and unique connectors, super easy recipes, you will not believe how exciting and therapeutic the process will be!

Why Lu:kah box? 

The Lu:kah Box is a box of happiness!

The origin of Lu:kah is from the word “lykke” which is a danish concept of happiness.

According to researchers who have been studying happiness for over three decades now, say there are 2 primary aspects to happiness:

  1. Taking care of yourself and indulging in things that make you happy without judgement!
  2. Helping and also taking help from your community (more real world interaction and experience)

And that’s what The Lu:kah Box is about:

About taking that time out to do something with your hands, for yourself, Indulging in yourself, enjoying the process, not worried about the outcome, not comparing yourself to others,  just being in the moment,  present and alive!

Why is this the best kit?

  • You get the most unique, high quality raw materials to work with
  • It is super easy to make
  • You spend a few hours with yourself, just being! Enjoying the process of creating with your hands!


Inside the Lu:kah Box

  • Raw ingredients
    • Concrete blocks (you can directly start designing)
    • Shilpkar (you can create your own pieces before you start designing)
  • Accessories
    • Beads
    • Cylindrical pipes
    • Statement pieces
    • Golden wire
    • Golden paint
  • Attachments for Jewellery
    • Nylon thread
    • Chain and adjustment links
    • Big Hoops
  • Others
    • Fevicol
    • Fevibond
    • Paint brush
    • Wooden spatula
    • Tweezers
    • Pliers
How to use the box
  • Make your own piece
    1. There are two types of clay provided: A base and a hardener. Mix the two in equal amounts till it forms an even dough. (it will take take about 3 minutes kneading till it becomes completely ready).
    1. once the mould becomes completely white - you know its ready!
    1. Now mould it into any shape of the jewellery you would like to wear!
  • Design your own piece
    1. Decide whether you want make earrings, a neckpiece or a bracelet.
    1. Once you have decided, pick the pieces from the jar accordingly.
    2. Check out the next few pages, we have shared some of the most easy and fun ways you design your jewellery.
    3. Use those ideas or make your own and just have fun!


  Get ready to have fun with the big smile on your face and open your box, because it is just for you to enjoy yourself, feel yourself a little more, and just be!

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