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Tribal woman

What makes it special: Made from distressed raw wood but not a single tree has been mined in making this piece. We have only used wood that has naturally fallen because of aging or collected it from locations where natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes and cyclones have ocucured to clear the spaces.

This once was a log of a very old tree that fell off in the himachal landslide in 2019 . It was then collected and handcarved into this beautiful tribal lady that is inspired by the tribal community from there. There were a total of 5 pieces onl;y that were made from the entire tree.

Material: Wisdom wood

Size: Tall- 43cm x 9cm, Short- 39cm x 8cm

Weight: Tall- 390gm, Short - 432gm

Care instructions:  Wipe with a wet/dry cloth.

Disclaimer:  This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. 



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