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Fennel Uni-Floral Honey (330g)

What makes it special 

A very strong aromatic honey, there are many lovers for THOA fennel honey. This honey has a flavor profile that combines warm, earthy tones with a woody, caramel taste and moderate sweetness. It has natural antibiotic properties which strengthen the immune system and hence promote faster recovery.


THOA honey is a collection of unifloral honey which is one of the most unique and beneficial produce of honey in the world. It is predominantly made from nectar of flowers of plants from same species. For example, Jujube honey is made from nectar of jujube flowers.

Bees usually do not travel more than 700 mts from their hive so we have them in a farm surrounded by only one type of vegetation for example thyme or coriander.

The bees only suck the nectar from one type of flowers and hence the honey produced has the taste, fragrance and benefits of that flower that it was extracted from. Honey is usually prepared around by 15th day from the day they start but we wait till the 24th day to extract the honey which helps to increase the enzyme action therefore making it healthier, more medicinal and tasty! We then just filter it through a humongous sieve to remove pollens and our RAW honey is ready!

Size : 8.50 cm x 8.50 cm x 8 cm

Net Weight  : 330 gm
Net Weight: 120g

Disclaimer:  Some forms of natural honey crystallize, it is a part of their natural cycle and is dependent on local weather conditions. For liquification, place it in warm water.

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